A sign right about now would be great God. What is it You want me to do? I anxiously asked.

I have never been very good at multitasking, that is, if the tasks require deep concentration or are detailed focused. I am however, very good at taking on multiple tasks. This is a trait I never lost much sleep over. Finishing my personal tasks within my time frame was never a true priority; if I finished all of them great, but if not that was alright too.

My relaxed attitude toward my personal commitments changed this year when I came across a website titled “My One Word.” The website is about picking one word to inspire change in your life. My word is Finisher. I decided that I would finish the goals I had set for myself over the past two years. The problem I face is where to start and how to finish. Have you ever been here?

My second problem is that what I feel in my heart I should concentrate on at this time does not line up with what the world dictates or with my normal tendency for control over my life. I began writing a book five years ago. I was laid off from my job 8 months ago. I know I should look for a job, but writing is what is in my heart. So I decided to ask God for a sign.

Dear Lord,

Should I spend my time at this moment writing or pursuing a job? I have no idea what kind of sign to ask for Lord. Is it okay to ask You for a sign? What kind of sign I should ask for? Thank You ahead for Your guidance. In the name of Jesus, amen.

I have been praying this prayer for a few weeks. Then I saw my sign! Yes, literally, God gave me a sign. The sign in the picture above has read “Loving People, Changing the World” for as long as I can remember. I know that it is not by chance that it now reads “Live God Sized Dreams.” The funny thing to me is that, I heard but did not consciously accept this message when God was answering my prayer through different sermons and radio hosts. It was not until I saw this sign that I have truly grasped God’s answer. Now my prayer is that God will give me the courage to trust Him for my provision while I pursue my God Sized Dream!


Roads of Grace

Grace Butterfly

Why is it that when I get behind the wheel of a car my grace and selfless attitudes fly out the window. It is as if, the new thing Christ has done in me dies and my old self resurfaces. Can you relate?

Saturday morning, as I drove down the freeway a pickup truck entering did not yield to highway traffic—aka me. My exit was coming up immediately after the entrance ramp so I didn’t want to move to the left lane. My knuckles turned white as I angrily gripped the steering wheel. Why doesn’t he accelerate or fall in behind me? I growled through clenched teeth. Barely braking I gave the truck just enough room to enter my lane without hitting me.

I was so close behind the truck that from the side mirror I could undoubtedly see the surprised look on the face of the young man driving. He put his arm out the window and gestured with his hand as if asking, “What in the heck are you doing?” I found this to be quite infuriating since I was thinking the same exact thing about him.

My heart sank as I suddenly realized, I had just blown an opportunity to extend grace to this young man; the same kind of grace that Christ extends to me. My anger melted away as I pondered my poor behavior. Nothing excuses my rude driving.

I asked God to forgive me and have decided that I am going to change how I act behind the wheel of my car. I put the picture above this blog in my car to remind me that I will extend grace to other drivers. From now on, I am going to illuminate the roads with the light of Christ that dwells within me. Will you join me?

Forgive – It’s Good For Our Souls

If we do not choose to forgive people who have hurt us in past relationships and if we are unwilling to allow Jesus Christ to heal our hearts fully and completely, leaving behind not even a remnant to dwell upon, then we bring those demons into our new relationships – marriage, friendships, and family relationships. Forgiveness and Christ transformation are key to becoming whole again! Thank you Jesus, for taking those stripes so that we can receive Your Healing.